Malware and Ransomware

Each type of malware infection has its own methods of attack from stealthy and sneaky to subtle like a sledgehammer. In today’s post we will talk about a more sophisticated type of malicious code called a virus/ransomware that hides within a legitimate application.
Fraudulent downloads
Ransomware is malware that locks down an infected PC and demands payment in order to restore access to a computer. Ransomware is a very serious threat and if it can be thwarted by following the principles outlined in this article it can prevent your computer being a victim, so using services to help you fix this may be the best solution for ransomware. While researching this post, it seems that many people believe that “ransomware is a thing of the past. “Today, you may see it being perpetuated by cyber criminals and their associates. But I will have you know that these kind of malicious programs are no longer a thing of the past and still persist and are continuously being invented. There are several methods of bypassing these programs, which will be addressed in subsequent posts, but we will save that for another time.
In the meantime, you can protect yourself by following these 5 steps:
Pay attention to the activation emails in the case that you receive them. It is generally a good idea to avoid clicking on any emails, and if you do decide to click on one you will notice that there is a list of many associated programs to test. This is the best way to test that the emails do not come from a malicious link, and if they do send you a security tool to help. Avoid clicking on links or attachments in email messages. If you must, read the email and delete it right away.
If you have received any emails, then return to this site to see how to ensure you do not become a victim. I have covered how to be safe on the web since 1996 and know how to do it, so it is no secret that I know a thing or two about Web Security.
After you have found a working link to the installer or the executable file, the next step is to download any other necessary resources and look at the site that you are using to download anything. The safest way to find out what you are downloading is to use a program called “Malwarebytes” and review all the content on your download sites.
Using free programs from Virus Total will help you ensure that you are protected. You will always see the most current information with Virus Total because it checks to see if any threats are in your system or will be coming to it. If you notice any warnings or errors, report them by clicking the Report button in your toolbar.
To make sure you don’t accidentally download any malware, look at your desktop. It may be tempting to download and open an executable and only to have that executable get rejected, but if you look at your files, you will see malware even if the executable is acceptable.
Once you have downloaded all necessary resources you may want to install the following software for a good starting point.
Or any of the other free or paid programs that I have mentioned that work on malware.

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