Michael Jackson “black box” found

Searchers look for wreckage of Michael Jackson

CALIFORNIA – Investigators say they have recovered the black box of downed “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, just hours before the search was to be called off.

The pop singer’s voice and data recorder is designed to emit signals with an infectious beat for 30 days after an accident. It was these faint signals which set the toes of the search team tapping, and led to the missing box. If the recorded data is intact, it will contain Jackson’s last sounds and dance moves. This data may be enough to allow investigators to reconstruct a final hit song.

The data recorder was found near one of Neverland’s 1600 Ferris wheels, under a pile of bubble gum wrappers and old carpets.

The search for the device was one of the largest in pop music history, with more than one hundred aircraft, ships and all-terrain vehicles scouring the vast Neverland region, aided by chimpanzee volunteers.

Dudley Del Quantas, a spokesman for the accident investigation team, said that, without the black box, the secrets of Jackson’s last moments might have been lost to music forever. This could have severely limited opportunities to make a good “movie of the week” about Jackson. “But now there is hope.”

The black box recording device has been installed in all music artists since 1972. Despite the name, the black box is not black, or box-shaped. Jackson had surgically removed the corners from his, and had it painted white.

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