Michael Jackson funeral to be hit TV series

TVThe major US TV networks have announced that the Michael Jackson funeral will be extended into a complete weekly series, to be shown simultaneously on all channels.

Said producer Aaron J. Scupper, “The Jackson funeral was a phenomenal TV event, and we are tremendously thrilled and excited at the opportunity to build it into a series, delivering the funeral to a public which cannot get enough of Jackson family grief.”

The show, tentatively titled Good Grief – It’s the Jacksons, will feature the gold casket of Michael Jackson, being entertained by a series of musical guests, while images of the star are displayed on a screen above. The musical lineup will change from week to week.

Between musical sets, the Jackson family will appear. “They will play characters like themselves,” said Scupper, “but with a difference.”

“Marlon Jackson will wear a glittering glove on one hand just like in the funeral. It gives him the power to channel Michael’s strength and talent – but only in one hand, leading to moments that are both comic and bittersweet.”

“And Janet Jackson will grieve, all in black, but sometimes her wardrobe will malfunction. It’s raucous, sexy, grieving hilarity, but done in a classy way that the whole family can watch.”

Scupper hopes to snag daughter Paris Jackson for the show.

“That moment in the funeral where she wept was truly beautiful. We want to see Paris do that in every episode, to add a heartfelt moment. Some say it was lightning in a bottle, but we think the kid has the chops to pull it off.”

“And maybe each week the dad is trying to get into the funeral to steal the gold casket, but he always gets foiled, and runs away with a dog biting his behind, while the rest of the family look on, united in touching grief and sidesplitting laughter.”

It is not known how much the Jacksons will receive for appearing in the series.

Said Scupper, “We haven’t actually talked to them about the show just yet. Please, it’s not the right time.”

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