Palin picks imaginary friend as 2012 running mate

PalinANCHORAGE – Just days after announcing she would soon leave the Alaska Governor’s job, Sarah Palin has surprised political pundits again, this time naming a virtual unknown as her 2012 Presidential running mate.

Princess Beebee Platypus, who Ms.Palin says first appeared to her when she was a lonely 4 year old, shares most political views with Palin and has stood by the Alaska Governor through thick and thin.

It is Palin’s hope that America is ready to have 2 women run on the same ticket, with one of them being purple with gossamer wings sprouting from her back.

“Princess Beebee Platypus may not be known to all of you, but then, last summer, who ever heard of me?” Palin joked at press conference announcement.

While Princess Platypus was not visible to the assembled reporters, Palin’s office released a statement from the elusive figure, and childhood friend.

It said in part, “I hope to help my dear friend Sarah Palin bring some sense to Washington where we will shape policy for our nation’s future and make some goo goo pies with mooly bloo juice.”

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