Eight Top New iPhone Apps

Looking for a hot new app for your iPhone? These sizzling gems of programming wizardry are guaranteed to turn heads, impress colleagues, and make you extremely popular and successful.

iToiletNumber 8

iPhone Toilet delivers all the fun of looking after a toilet without the mess or germs. Use the brush to keep your toilet clean, and the plunger when it becomes clogged. Toilet styles can be selected from ten designs, including a Victorian style, a Star Trek toilet, and an amusing wooden bucket. Unfortunately, the bathroom background is not changeable. Not a great game, but good value at $1.99.

putdownNumber 7

Put Down Your iPhone and Live. Those of us who are addicted to our iPhones may find that this game restores a little balance to our lives. In this groundbreaking app, you manipulate three body parts, a nose, a finger, and a foot, which interact with their environment. Rub your foot in the grass. Use the nose to smell the roses. Stroke a puppy. The app wears a little thin after a few hours of play, but at $1.99, it’s a no-brainer.

plinthNumber 6

Which Plinth? You get to examine various plinths and place things on top of them. Arguably the most popular of the plinth-themed games, and a worthy sequel to the cult hit Which Pilaster. Limited, sure, but how can you say no at $1.99?

scribblepadNumber 5

Rite-On Scribble Pad. Don’t waste another penny on clumsy notepads – this novel app turns the iPhone screen into a perfect copy of a piece of paper. The user can then draw on the iPhone glass using any permanent marker. The pen marks are easily removed again with rubbing alcohol, although this may damage your iPhone. Not a sophisticated application, but at just $1.99, who cares?

irobNumber 4

iRob takes a different approach to iPhone messages, allowing the user to select from a menu of dozens of sinister threats, ranging from “Give me $20 or I will break your arm,” to “I have a gun. Hand over all the money in the vault.” You’ll quickly make back many times the cost of the app, which is a bargain at $1.99.

coinNumber 3

Heads or Tails Deluxe presents a beautifully rendered penny on a lovely green baize background. Shaking the iPhone causes the penny to jump. You can enjoy guessing whether it will come down heads or tails. There are no statistics or fancy menus – it’s just plain coin-tossing fun. Play time is short, at only a few seconds per game, but it’s worth picking up for the low price of $1.99.

iMailerNumber 2

iMailerPro is the best of the self-mailer apps. Just type in the mailing address and it will appear on the iPhone screen. You can then drop your iPhone in the mailbox, confident that it will reach its destination, as long as the battery doesn’t run out. Don’t forget to add a real stamp – the onscreen one won’t work in most areas. Reasonably priced at $1.99.

maldonNumber 1

The Battle of Maldon offers something new for combat fans. Be warned, though – despite the gory splashscreen, this is not an action game, but only a slowly scrolling text of the 11th century Anglo Saxon poem. Choose between two fonts and three styles of parchment. Those not fluent in Anglo Saxon may find it hard to follow, but buy it anyway – it’s only $1.99.

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