Japanese space module Kibo not set to unleash destruction on unsuspecting Earth

Astronauts from the space shuttle Endeavour have completed the next stage of Kibo, the Japanese module for the International Space Station.

“Kibo is intended to advance science – to do good,” said Tetsuro Yokoyama, the kindly deputy manager of the project.

“And yet, everything may change,” added his assistant, the shadowy figure known as Desslok.

The Kibo complex consists of a central laboratory and an attached logistics module. It is equipped with two robotic arms – a small one, for delicate work, and a larger one for science experiments and ultimate crushing power.

Yokoyama hopes that his own nephew and adopted niece may visit the space station someday. “Those young scamps know the operation of the Kibo module almost as well as I do myself. Why, I believe it almost has feelings for them.”

Kibo has now undergone its first metamorphosis, from Kibo-Egg to Science-Kibo. However, the Kibo module is designed with future expansion in mind. With the the addition of the Milliard Gem, it can transform into Mecha-Kibo, and, if other rare artifacts are installed, it can become Ice-Kibo, and Kibo Galaxy, which can be used for scientific research into destroying things.

A pearl-colored button under glass in the centre of the module will transform Kibo into its most mysterious form. Destiny Kibo has rainbow colored backgrounds and alters reality itself, but using it is dangerous and unpredictable.

It is theoretically possible for Kibo to transform into the formidable warrior Bushido-Kibo, but Deputy Manager Yokoyama said this was extremely unlikely. “Kibo would have to absorb parts from the rest of the International Space Station, and incorporate the living brains of astronauts into its bio-computer. It would be horrific.”

“Horrific, and fascinating,” agreed Desslok.

“Safeguards are in place to prevent such a nightmare scenario,” Yokoyama explained, “and the keys, stored in energy crystals of various colors, are known only to Desslok and myself.”kibo

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