Dave totally up for it, but Frenchie uncertain

frenchieDave is totally up for it, it was revealed yesterday. Ed and Bong said they were also aboard, but Frenchie said he could not commit at this time.

“It was Frenchie’s idea,” said Ed. “He should be in on it, no question.”

But Frenchie revealed that many things were going down right now, and he would need to confirm arrangements with his girl and his old woman.

The comments drew criticism and indignation from Bong, who asked probing questions about what was with Frenchie anyway. Dave acknowledged that Frenchie was experiencing some seriously mixed up situations, but expressed the sentiment that “the F-man” (as Frenchie is also known) should have just been upfront from the start and like that.

Ed later suggested that Frenchie’s indecision is “absolutely typical”. The claims were swiftly denied by Dave, although both Ed and Bong suggested that Dave’s support for Frenchie’s wavering was because Dave still harbored feelings of guilt over what had happened with Lanise.

The developments fall hot on the heels of a similar crisis last week, when Frenchie had committed one hundred percent, but when it came to it, everyone was just waiting for him outside Montana’s for 45 minutes like total dorks.

At press time, Ratman had not explicitly confimed that he would attend. Analysts agree that historically he does not usually get back because that is the way he is. However, there is general consensus that, regardless of whether Frenchie shows, Ratman would be all over it.

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