African prince shares millions with builder

princeSPARTA, Wisconsin – After many years of sending emails around the world to good people he hoped would help him, deposed Nigerian Prince Arthur Eze finally found builder Al Espensen of Sparta, Wisconsin. With Espensen’s assistance, Eze has secured his once locked fortune of 96.6 million dollars.

Mr.Espensen found out that being a Good Samaritan gives you more than a warm feeling, as his “finder’s fee” was 20 percent of the total – over 19 million dollars.

Espensen also received Prince Eze’s deep gratitude. “I have made many attempts to find an honest and trustworthy person who would let me use their bank account to transfer my fortune, in exchange for for a handsome reward after a few short days,” said the prince. “I never dreamed that finding someone would be so difficult. Mr Espezen is a hero.”

Speaking from a Chicago area BMW dealer, after a cash purchase of his new $89,000 car, Mr.Espensen rejected the title foisted on him by Prince Eze, saying he simply did what anyone would do.

”Look an email came to me from a desperate, but obviously honest man who, because of his former government’s policies couldn’t get his money out of the country. All I had to do was give him all my banking information, that’s it.”

But the Prince maintains that Espensen is being modest. “There was a desperate moment, I’m afraid, when I had to ask even more of Mr.Espensen. I am ashamed to say my former country has fallen under corrupt influences and I was required to bribe an official to keep the transaction moving.”

Fortunately, for the Prince, Mr. Espensen had $8,600 in credit available on his Sears Mastercard.

After the bribe money had been wired to Prince Eze in Switzerland, things became even more complicated.

“The Nigerian government imposed a new tax of $212,000,” remembers Eze. “I was afraid my dream was over”.

But, once again, Espensen came to the rescue.

“Hey I know a thing or two about taxes”, said the builder, who is currently between jobs. “We have ‘em here too you know. So I took pity on the guy and put my house up for sale. I had over 212 grand sent to the Prince by the end of the week. I still had enough money left over to take the wife and kid to a motel for the night.”

The move wasn’t popular with Joan Espensen, Al’s wife, who admitted she “had some doubts”, and thought the whole thing “might be some kind of scam”. Fortunately, her level-headed husband was able to convince her otherwise.

“You got to put some trust in people and have a little, what do you call it? Empathy. No wonder all his emails were marked ‘urgent’. Of course it was urgent.”

Espensen and Prince Eze are now firm friends.

“We found out we both got kids in soccer, can you believe it?” laughed Espensen, “Answering that email and freely giving everything I had to a total stranger was best thing that has ever happened in my life… for over 19 million reasons!”

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