Consumer Beat – Testing Fake Viagras

The internet is inundated with offers for cut-price Viagra substitutes. But do they really work?

We tested four of these so-called “generic Viagra” products to see whether they deliver on their promises. Our panel consisted of a group of male volunteers aged 35-50. We also asked the opinion of Doctor Delia, a registered Penile Viagrologist.


flintstonesThe manufacturer has obviously put some effort into the design of these capsules, which are shaped like characters from the television series The Flintstones. Priced at $10, the package included 12 capsules – although we were disappointed that four were Barney and there was only one Wilma.

Ryan: “I’d suggest getting the pills out beforehand, as the childproof cap was difficult to open during moments of physical intimacy. Also, I felt awkward swallowing a male cartoon figure, like Fred or Barney. The manufacturer should fill the bottle with Bettys.”

Doctor Delia: “It’s refreshing to see manufacturers breaking away from the staid conventions of traditional drug packaging, and making light-hearted reference to modern culture. But why the Flintstones? Surely The Simpsons would be a more up-to-date TV family to exploit. I cannot approve of this product.”

Mr Wow

mrwowAt $15.00 for 12, Mr Wow is not cheap. The time-release medicated wafers resemble small pieces of cardboard with the word Viagra written on them in marker. Users found them difficult to swallow and complained about the dry taste the product left in their mouth.

Harry: “For some months now, I have had doubts about whether I still love my wife. I hoped this fake Viagra would make a difference. I took one at 2:30, and waited for my wife to return home at 5:00. Sure enough, when she walked through the door, she still seemed like the same vile, fussy, toxic middle-aged harridan I have grown to loathe and despise. As far as I’m concerned, this “Mr Wow” Viagra gets a big thumbs-down.”

Doctor Delia: “Your results may vary. Consult your physician. Okay, sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention.”


oliviagroThis was by far the most expenisve fake Viagra we tested. A bottle of 10 capsules will set you back $100 – more than the cost of real Viagra in most areas. On the plus side, Oliviagro really works – perhaps because each “energy olive” is stuffed with a real Viagra pill.

Murray: “This stuff rocks. It has restored my sex life to new heights. The only thing I didn’t like was the olive-like taste. I really hate olives.”

Doctor Delia: “It seems expensive too me. Plus I really hate olives too – especially green olives.”


viagrainbowThese low-priced multicolored pills represent excellent value. Just $2 buys a white paper bag filled with roughly a kilogram. But our tests showed that they lacked the potency of other drugs.

Wilt: “For sure, they weren’t as medically effective as the real Viagra, but the the price is right, and the chocolate filling perfectly complements the candy shell. Of all the Viagras, real or fake, this is the one I’d like to munch on while sitting in the theater watching a movie.”

Doctor Delia: “The bright colors of these drugs could make them appealing to children. This is normally a bad thing, but in this case, the product is so gentle that it poses no danger whatsoever. Kudos to the manufacturers for being so responsible.”


The online Viagras we received fell far short of the real thing in terms of pharmaceutical quality and effectiveness, so, if a product that works is your highest priority, then you should probably bite the bullet and ask your doctor for the genuine article. But for those on a budget, ViagRainbow represent excellent – and tasty – value, with no unpleasant side-effects, or effects, except for a mild sugar-rush.

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