Prime Minister may have worms

wormThere are speculations that Prime Minister Stephen Harper may have worms, after a package of worm pills was seen in the recycling bin outside his bungalow at 24 Sussex Drive.

The worm medication box was spotted by neighbour Mrs Trina Dubois who lives at number 26. Said Dubois, “Someone in that house has worms. And in my experience, when one gets it, they all do.”

Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff offered his support. “If the prime minister does have worms, he has my sympathy,” said Ignatieff. “Our thoughts are with him during this challenging time, and I advise him to change and wash all the sheets and blankets.”

The worm medication was Worm-a-Go brand. According to the manufacturer website, it is effective against pinworms, roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms, but not earthworms (pictured above).

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